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R&D and Manufacturing

The company has two R&D centers in Huzhou and Luoyang with 2000 square meters area and 40 research staffs including Ph.D and masters, which owned first-class equipments and has developed four world’s leading technology-platforms including genetic engineering, high-throughput screening, fermentation-transformation and supercritical extraction.
The company expects to invest 220 million RMB for Factory thataccording with GMP standards covers more than 78,000 square meters area in Luoyang and Huzhou.
Since establishment, the company has 32 invention patents and 10 utility model patents, including 17 authorized patents, 10 international registered trademarks;8 products have passed HALAL Certificate, and 4 products have passed the American Kosher Certificate.

R & D platform
  • Enzyme directed evolution platform
  • Microbial Genome Editing platform
  • Metabolic Engineeringplatform
  • Small testof Fermentation platform
  • Small test of Enzyme catalytic platform
  • Small test of Product Extraction Platform
  • Pilot test of Fermentation platform
  • Pilot test of Enzyme catalytic platform
  • Pilot test of Product Extraction Platform

Production platform
Fermentation Biotransformation Concentration
Separation/purification Dryer Automatic Packing Line
D Amino Acids
Dietary Supplements
Cosmetic Materials
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R&D and Manufacturing
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